Friday, July 26, 2013

RECAP! Last month

Where have I been the last few weeks!? AHH Planning the baby shower with my family members and close girlfriends, (including making my own baby shower invites), still decorating Baby Logan’s room, desperately trying to keep up on my fitness blog and all the amazing emails I’ve been receiving from my readers (I absolutely love hearing from all of you, keep it up!), and of course working, working, working! Anyhoo! SO much has happened in the last month, don’t worry I’m here to share it alllll with you. =]
First off, my dear friend Ashley got married! We couldn’t make it but I was able to celebrate with her along the way.
And I HAVE to share her AMAZING wedding photos done by Courtney Sargent. I’m so excited that she’ll be doing our newborn photos!! EEEK =]

She is stunning! 
4th of July was so relaxing! We BBQ , swam and lit our own fireworks with some friends of ours.

Megan and I are just a few weeks apart!
We also got to see Logan in 3D! Thank you Ellie for making this possible for us, it was amazing!

Troy’s family came into town from Colorado to visit and celebrate with us at the baby shower.

It was such an awesome weekend with them. Cara’s beautiful little girls Riley and Scarlett completely stole my heart. 
I hope you all are having a fabulous week! Yay for Friday! 

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