Wednesday, September 4, 2013

4-Week Shape Up Plan // Week 1

Hi Friends! I've been receiving numerous emails from readers requesting workout plans so I've finally decided to start offering them! 6-week, 8-week and 12-week plans as well as custom personalized workout plans that fit the needs of your specific fitness and nutritional goals are NOW available! WooHoo!

I decided to put together a little mini workout plan with workouts new work outs and work outs that I've already created. I'll be releasing 7-day plans. I guess you could consider this a trial run if you will. If you like the programming I provide, you may want to consider personalized online training or one of my training packages I create.

Week 1

Day 1
Lean Legs Work Out - awesome at-home workout using no equipment
Core Workout - get ready to feel the burn!

Day 2
Toned Arms - nothing shows dedication like strong arms
Core Workout - get busy - washboard abs won't wait

Day 3
Full Body Tabata Work Out  - amazing calorie incinerator 

Day 4
Back and Biceps Work Out  or if you'd rather not use equipment  Tabata Work Out
Intense Core Work Out - that's right! Feel that burn - it's working!

Day 5
No Equipment CrossFit Work Out

Day 6
Butt, Hips and Thighs Work Out - and you don't need equipment! 

Day 7
Rest! Obviously don't park it on the couch for a full 24-hours. Keep those muscles moving and take the dog for a walk, play some sand volleyball or do another low impact activity that you enjoy. 

*If you need to make an adjustment to your "rest day", go for it! This has to fit in YOUR lifestyle in order for it to BECOME your lifestyle. 

You're Up! What kind of workouts would you like to start seeing or seeing more of?

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