Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beer and Diaper Party//

A couple weeks ago I shared some of the amazingly creative gifts we received from our friends at the Beer and Diaper Party. I didn’t really get into how helpful this party was and really how simple it was. I really wanted Troy to feel included in all this baby excitement so we thought a fun “baby shower” where Troy could invite his friends and celebrate would be perfect.

Check out how stocked we are for diapers! Most places are really easy to exchange diapers for a different size if you got a million packs of size 2 diapers so not to worry about wasting any!  

If you haven’t decided already to host a Beer and Diaper Party – I would highly suggest considering it! It’s a much more laid back get together with you and your hubbies close friends and a great way to get a good diaper stockpile going.

Here are the invitations we sent out! =]

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