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Friday, February 7, 2014

Logan 3 Months

SHAME ON ME! This is a month old! BUT I will be taking her 4 month photo this weekend! =] AND I FINALLY took photos of her nursery! I'll be posting that this weekend.

Our ped. office doesn't do check ups every month, they do them every other month so I wasn't able to get her measurements. Boo! So we weighed her on the scale at home to get an estimated weight. =] 

Age: 3 months 
Height: ? 
Weight: 14 lbs (ish)
Head: I have no idea! 
Milestones: Logan is sleeping in her own room! I was worried she wouldn't sleep through the night if she felt "alone" in her room, but she did great! She is actually sleeping much better. She giggles! Not the big belly laugh that I'm anxiously waiting for but giggles are the cutest thing! And she's rolling over intentionally now.   
Sleep: Awesome little sleeper! She takes her last bottle around 7.30, I swaddle her up and lay her down. As soon as her little Cloud B sleepy lamb is on and she has her binky she's out in under 5 minutes. I was sooo worried about having this battle of her fighting bed time but I think she really enjoys it! 
Best Moment: Snuggles! I come home and lay her on my chest and she usually falls asleep on me. =]
Worst Moment: There really wasn't a bad thing we had to deal with this month. She's a really easy baby.
Health: She is a happy healthy baby. 
Eating: She's still a hungry, hungry hippo! She eats 4-5 ounces every 2-3 hours. She's completely on formula now and doing great!
Teeth: No teeth yet! But drooling and putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Logan 2 Months

I can't even believe Logan has been here for 2 months already! Sometimes it feels just like yesterday she was born and sometimes it feels like she's been here for so long. But I'm loving every second of being her mommy. 

So I'm still working on getting pictures of Logan's finished nursery, our birth story, post pregnancy workout plan and a ton of other things! Thanks for hanging in here with me - life could not be crazier - I get up for work at 4.30 - get into the office at 6 - get home from work by 5.30 - make dinner - laundry - shower - ect., ect, ect! They're all coming but not today! Lol =]

Anywho! Logan had her 2-month appt on Monday and I couldn't make it!!! ='[ when I originally scheduled it I have no idea why u scheduled it RIGHT in the middle of the day... Needless to say I couldn't get away from work and I'm feeling SO guilty about it now because she got her shots. =[ Poor honey. Aside from the shots her appointment went great! We have a healthy sweet girl! 

Age: 2 months
Height: 23 1/2 inches! She's a tall girl already! 
Weight: 12.8 pounds! 
Head: I have no idea! I'll have to ask Troy. =|
Milestones: Logan is smiling like crazy! She's swatting and grabbing her dangly toys on her playmat. She has found her voice and coos and squeals a lot. 
Sleep: She is a decent sleeper. She goes to sleep at 9 and wakes up around 4. The ped told us she should start sleeping in her crib in her own room now! Ahhh I don't think I'm ready for that yet! We're starting this weekend. 
Best Moment: I love when I come home from work, pick her up and she just snuggles on my chest. It's one of the best feelings knowing that they love you and need you b
Worst Moment: When Presley pur Great Dane ran in the house over excited and accidentally hit Logan with her tail. =[ poor honey. 
Health: She is a happy healthy baby. 
Eating: Logan is an eater. She's currently eating half breast milk, half formula. Since going back to work my milk supply has drastically dropped. I'm pumping every 2 hours but still don't get enough to completely fill her up in one feeding. 
Teeth: No teeth yet!