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Monday, July 29, 2013

Pregnancy CrossFit Workout - Fit Pregnancy

Alexa Jean Fitness - Pregnancy Workouts, CrossFit, Fit Pregnancy

·         30 air squats
·         20 modified push-ups
·         15 kettlebell dead lifts
·         10 half burpees

On days I'm just not feeling the gym, I resort to a quick CrossFit workout. I feel much more energized and alert. The lost important thing is listen to your body and don't overdo it. 

Many studies have shown that working out throughout your pregnancy not only benefits yourself but the baby as well. Increased oxygen and brain stimulation has shown to be a direct result of prenatal exercising. You'll also recover from labor and delivery much quicker. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

How to get your boyfriend to the gym

Is your boyfriend a "couch potato"? These tips should get your boyfriend to the gym without being a nag:

1. Be involved with his progress be as interested and excited as he is about his training and development. For example, help him measure his arms and other muscle groups.

2. Do the workout where they feel comfortable - the gym can be intimidating, especially when their man-card feels threatened. 

3. Use the workout as an excuse to build on your relationship - go on a jog together around the neighborhood or take a group exercise class, you might even meet a few new workout buddies to keep you both accountable. 

4. Reward him - set goals together and reward him as he achieves his goals. He'll stay motivated and have something to look forward to.

5. Find the right activity - be creative and join an adult softball or volleyball league. Some people hate spending their evening at the gym after a long day at work. 

Is having a less active partner a deal breaker for you?