Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY Canvas Curtains - No Sewing Required

Aren’t these awesome! AND there’s no sewing required! =D I wanted some thick, long curtains for Baby Logan’s room and nothing was fitting with the look I was going for and I didn’t want to spend a gob on curtains I didn’t absolutely love.

I’d highly recommend buying the curtain rings with the clips so you don’t have to worry about measuring, sewing etc. Literally fold the top over and clip it!

You’ll Need:

 Drop Cloth Canvas x2 - home improvement stores (Home Depot - $10.68 each, the ones I bought are 6ft x 9ft and are plenty big)

Curtain Rings with Clips – home improvement stores (Home Depot - $7.97 for a set of 7, I bought 2 packs for both panels)

Stencil – Michaels or any craft store ($3.46)

Acrylic Paint – Michaels or craft store (99¢)

Just lay out your canvas, put some newspaper or cardboard underneath so the paint doesn’t bleed. Get your stencil out and start painting! I didn’t wash min e before painting because I was worried they would permanently wrinkle. The fold lines will relax once you hang them up.

I would love to see all your finished projects! Send me photos and I’ll post them up! Happy Crafting. =]

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  1. So I've decided to go with a cafe style curtain for our kitchen window above the sink. We need something for privacy but also want to let in light. Here are some cafe curtain inspiration from Pinterest.